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Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Our Leadership

Eastwood Church of Christ has three elders who oversee the spiritual growth and welfare of our congregation. They are not dictators who command all the changes in the congregation, but shepherds who guide the congregation through prayer and wisdom.

Mike Dove: Fellowship, shepherding, education, youth programs
Abel Hernandez: Worship, welcoming, evangelism, community outreach programs
Ray Rivera: Office administration, finance, missions, bilingual, multimedia, website, building and grounds programs 

Eastwood Church of Christ has six deacons who serve as overseers of the different programs of the congregation.

​Enrique Carrillo: Missions, bilingual programs
Samuel Hooper: Building and grounds, vehicle maintenance programs
Alberto Morales: Office administration, finance ministries
Lorenzo Porras: Worship, welcoming programs

Venson Oliver: Evangelism, community outreach programs
Bob Walker: Multimedia, website programs

Eastwood Church of Christ has a minister, Charles Clodfelter, who helps lead the congregation under the oversight of the elders.

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